Your New Fountain Pen

Congratulations!  You are the owner of a high quality, Mount Airy Woodcraft custom writing instrument.  This pen body was handcrafted by a professional artisan in Mount Airy Maryland.  

Your pen is not just a gift or just a pen, think of it as a work of art.  Your pen is made from real wood (or acrylic) and needs the same care as any fine wood product.  Follow these instructions to ensure years of beauty and enjoyment.

  • Keep your pen from extremes of heat and humidity, i.e., do not leave it in the car glove box, etc. Wood and can split under extreme temperature conditions.
  • Do not leave the pen in direct sunlight, this can fade or change the color of many woods species.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents. Never use any kind of abrasive pad to clean your pen.  Never use any cleaning or finishing product that contains abrasives, cleaning agents or alcohol.  Car waxes and many household waxes & cleaners have fine abrasives or harsh cleaning solvents and these should not be used.
  • Most pens disassemble at the center ring to allow replacement of the pen refill. Some pull apart and others unscrew.  Be sure you check the specific instructions below for your pen before trying to change your refill.



The parts of your fountain pen

Your fountain pen consists of four parts when assembled—the cap, the nib, the barrel, and the ink reservoir. Most reservoirs are either a piston converter, a cartridge or an ink bladder. The converter and ink bladder require fountain pen bottled ink. The cartridge is a self-contained, disposable unit filled with ink.



Removing the barrel

First remove the cap. Then remove the barrel by turning it counterclockwise.


1. Filling with a fountain pen converter (included)

Place the fountain pen, nib first, into the bottle of ink until the nib is entirely covered (Figure A). Twist the piston converter counterclockwise at the top. This forces the air out of the converter. Then twist the top of the piston converter clockwise to draw the ink up into the converter. While holding the nib above the bottle of ink, slowly twist the piston converter counterclockwise until a bead of ink flows from the tip of the nib (Figure B). Gently blot excess ink from the nib with a lint-free cloth or blotter paper.


2. Inserting a fountain pen cartridge (Included)

Remove the piston converter by gently pulling it away from the nib. Insert a fountain pen cartridge into the nib and push firmly until the cartridge seats itself. You will hear a small click. You can easily switch between bottled ink and cartridges by rinsing the nib and piston converter with cool water periodically.