Installation Instructions

Tools Needed:

  • Pencil
  • Long handled Phillips head screw driver 
  • Optional drill and 1/8” or 3/16” drill bit for pre-drilling holes for SnapSkru anchors

Prepare wall for mounting of fixture

  • Remove drawer from fixture
  • Hold fixture against wall in desired location
  • With a pencil, trace the slot on the back of Hardwood Valet (“fixture”) onto your wall board.
  • Remove the fixture from the wall. You will be mounting the fixture using two screws anywhere within the pencil-outlined area, preferably as far apart as possible.
    • If there are no studs behind the wall board within this location, then you will need to use the supplied SnapSkru anchors. Otherwise you may screw directly into the stud(s) later. 
    • The SnapSkru anchors are designed to be screwed directly into the wallboard but it is advisable to drill a small starter hole first for ease of installation. A 3/16” or smaller drill bit works well for this.
  • Drill starter holes for SnapSkru anchors or for supplied-screws in the wall board
  • Insert SnapSkru anchor(s) (Figure 1) and drive the anchor clockwise until it is flush with the wall board.
  • Place the fixture against the wall and fasten it with the supplied screws and washers (Figure 2 & 3)

Figure 1 - Mounting with SnapSkrus

Drive anchor clockwise into the drywall until anchor stops flush with the outer wall surface.

Place fixture over the anchors/screw holes and drive screws and washers through inside back of fixture and into each hole (see figure 2 above and below).

Tighten screw/washer assembly flush with fixture back.  You may hear a pop which signifies that the screw has fully opened the anchor, firmly holding it to the wall.


Figure 2 - Inside back of fixture

Inserting the Drawer Stops

The fixture is designed to utilize two small screws as drawer stops.  These come partially inserted into the bottom of the drawer shelf.  Once the fixture is fastened to the wall, insert the drawer and gently turn the drawer stop screws clockwise until they are seated flush with the bottom of the drawer shelf.  These are designed to allow the drawer to slide nearly all the way without falling out.  If the drawer does not slide easily after the screws have been adjusted in, you may back them out a half turn or so until the drawer operates normally, yet is retained before coming all the way out.