Engraving, Glass Etching & Color Imprinting Services

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Mount Airy Woodcraft offers Laser Engraving and Color Printing services to our customers.  The scope of our products and services in this area are outlined below.

A list of our industry, product, and service codes can be found here.  

NAICS Codes: 424120, 321999, 326199, 339940, 339950, 326130, 453998, 541430

What we do

  • Provide Precision Engraving and Color Printing Services for a variety of applications
  • Manufacture custom industrial nameplates, tags, signs and labels to meet your specific requirements
  • Manufacture 1D and 2D Barcode (QR Code, Data Matrix, etc.) on metal tags
  • Manufacture and Customize Promotional, Award, and Gift items


    What we use

    • Industrial and Commercial Plates, Tags, Labels, Signs on numerous metals and proudly featuring Gemini Duets acrylic plastic materials
      • The industry’s largest selection of ADA substrates
      • Tactiles
      • Indoor
      • Outdoor/Indoor
      • Flexible (for curved surfaces)
    • Awards
      • Natural Solid and Veneered Hardwoods
      • Acrylic
      • Glass
      • Crystal
      • Gavel / Novelty
    • Plaques
      • Photo
      • Corporate Recognition
      • Perpetual
    • Gifts / Promotional
      • Corporate
      • Home and Personal

    Marking on the following metals... 

    Stainless Steel

    Chrome Plating

    Stainless Steel - Bright Annealed

    Nickel Plating

    Galvanized Steel

    Gold Plating


    Silver Plating





    Our customers are

    Public and Private sector organizations belonging in or supporting industries such as...





    Building Controls


    Cable and Pipeline

    Information Technology

    Plumbing and Heating


     Any organization that wishes to promote their business and/or reward their employees and customers


    Please feel free to call us at 240-394-8296, email support@mountairywoodcraft.com, or contact us (below) to discuss your requirements.