About Us

Unique handcrafted wood products for the home and office.  Offering comprehensive laser engraving services, Mount Airy Woodcraft provides customized gifts and promotional products that will delight and inspire 

Mount Airy Woodcraft offers personalized gifts, awards, and promotional products, as well as comprehensive laser engraving and color imprinting services for individual, commercial, government, educational and industrial sector customers. We hope you will agree that we have something here for you that will delight and inspire.

Mount Airy Woodcraft is located on 15 wooded acres in rural Frederick County, Maryland. The property is densely populated with oak and many of the products that we make from oak come from the trees on the property. 

Natural and kiln dried hardwoods are the basis for many of our products.  The wood is either purchased from a local sawyer or starts as an oak tree on the property.  The oak is felled, milled, dried, cut, jointed, planed, assembled, sanded and finished, right here in Mount Airy, Maryland.