The Psychology of Color and Your Pen

“Paper is patient, pen is always powerful, and ink will speak for you.” - Pau Autor

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Selecting the perfect pen; its style and color, is important but don’t forget about the ink and the impression of its color as well.  Have you ever wondered what your favorite ink color says about your personality? Maybe you love a good adventure, or are a fan of order and organization. Read on to learn about your ideal ink color and use these tips to help choose the perfect gift for someone special.


Because of its perfect contrast to white paper, black ink is one of the top choices for writing utensils. People who prefer black are usually strong willed and independent and exude confidence in their everyday lives. They are decisive and powerful. Sophisticated.

Perfect For: The CEO or Entrepreneur in your life, and those who are on the path to success.


Under black ink, blue ink is the second most popular color among pen enthusiasts. Research suggests that people who are partial to the color blue lead peaceful and serene lives. They enjoy the system, relish in order and organization, and are some of the friendliest people you know. They are the helpers and the doers in the world.

Perfect For: Nurses, social workers, accountants, students and others who work in atmospheres with high energy.


Do you know someone with a strong will, lots of ambition, and creativity for days? Red personalities are all this and more. They are hard workers, energetic, and relish in the success of others. When we think of red, we think of boldness, passion, excitement and red always stands out in the crowd and makes a statement.

Perfect For:  Teachers! Because what teacher doesn’t enjoy a robust red pen?


Purple people think outside the box. They don’t conform to the industry standard and they are the life of the party! They are imaginative and wise, and according to a recent article on color psychology, Purple people “combine the stability of blue and the energy of red.”

Perfect for:  Students, Artists, Massage Therapists, Photographers and other people with creative lives.


Those with Green personalities are down to earth and love nature. They are kind generous and compassionate, and are good people to have around in times of crisis because they give meaning to the “cool as a cucumber” phrase. They are intelligent, strive for justice and logical, and tend to be the emotional center of your group of friends.

Perfect for: Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Receptionists, Landscapers, Entomologists and those with nature in their veins!


Maybe you know someone who is larger than life, a social butterfly. The extrovert, the extreme sports nut. Orange personalities will always take risks, both in their personal and in their social lives, and aren’t afraid to chase their dreams.

Perfect For: Extreme Sports Enthusiasts, Party planners, and other friendly outgoing people.


Pink is often associated with romance, and people that like pink ink are no exception. They have endless optimism and are usually calm, relaxed, and have a general love of helping others. Pink personalities are nurturing and compassionate.

Perfect for: Caregivers, Nurses, and Teachers.

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Wood Stabilization for Pen Turning

Wood Stabilization for Pen Turning

What is wood stabilizing? 

Wood stabilization means different things to different woodworkers.  In the case of pen turning, wood stabilization refers to reinforcing wood against inherent defects or weaknesses.  This may mean anything from filling cracks with epoxy, to impregnating the wood with resin. 

The basic principle of wood stabilizing is to take a piece of soft or punky wood and inject it with resin to create a stable, hardened wood blank that is safe to turn.  The resin displaces air pockets throughout the grain structure, creating a dense blank that is nearly impervious to moisture changes and can be polished to a high gloss. 

The stabilizing process

Dry wood (preferably lower than 10% moisture content) is placed in a container with the stabilizing solution. It is put under a vacuum and then high pressure to ensure that the solution completely penetrates the wood. After the wood has been completely infused with the stabilizing solution it is heat cured. This curing process turns the liquid stabilizing solution into a solid.

Working with stabilized wood

Working with stabilized wood is a lot like using natural, non-treated woods. It can be worked using the same tools and abrasives as with natural woods. The stabilizing process will even up the hardness of the wood as well as fill in a portion of the open pores in the wood. This makes the wood easier to sand and get an even finish that will often times show off the grain patterns and figure in the wood better than the results obtained using the same procedures with natural wood.

The Cost

The cost of a piece of stabilized wood compared to a natural, untreated piece is usually about $10 more.  Since this is required for some of the most desirable specimens used in pen making, you will see that added cost reflected in the finished product’s price.
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